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Pinty Scopes Paying For Good Reviews – RTT: Guns & Gear

Pinty Scopes Paying For Good Reviews

t’s no secret that the internet is full of questionable reviews. From outright paid reviews, affiliate reviews, sponsorships, and even softball reviews due to a bias. It’s nearly impossible anymore to know what is truthful, and what is not. But here is an example of a company that it’s now confirmed that they will in fact pay to make sure that only positive reviews of their products are seen on the internet. And that company is Pinty Scopes.

Before we go any further. Know that I understand that some people may have had genuinely good experiences with products from Pinty. However, how is anyone to know the balance between good and bad reviews if Pinty does in fact pay to get negative reviews taken down? For all anyone knows, it could be a 90/10 ratio with bad reviews being the majority.

So who is Pinty Scopes?

Pinty is a Chinese scope brand that makes extremely low quality and extremely inexpensive rifle scopes, red dots, and various other firearms accessories. They are most well known as an “Amazon brand.”

Have you ever seen those scopes advertised that look absolutely ridiculous because the sheer number of pointless gadgets on them? Yea, that’s Pinty, among other cheap Chinese brands.

Recently, Pinty has been caught attempting to bribe yours truly into taking down a negative review about their 2.5-10×40 rifle scope.

Here is the evidence.

The text reads:

“Dear Matt,

Hope this email finds you well.

I am Oly from Pinty Marketing, reaching out on behalf of our brand, Pinty. I hope this message finds you in good spirits.

I am writing to address the video you created featuring our product. Firstly, I want to express my understanding if our product did not meet your expectations, and I sincerely apologize for any disappointment you may have experienced. Your honest opinion about our product is genuinely valued.

At Pinty, we pride ourselves on offering cost-effective products that have garnered positive feedback from many of our customers. Different individuals may have varying reactions to our products, and I found that there are supporters of our brand among your viewers.

Your video has garnered significant attention and has had a noticeable impact on our sales. We have observed instances where potential customers may have refrained from trying our brand after viewing your content. As a brand, we place immense value on our reputation across social media platforms. Looking ahead, we are planning to introduce a new product line this year as part of our journey towards establishing an international presence. It has come to our attention that negative comments on social media platforms could potentially impede our progress.

We kindly request your consideration in removing the content featuring our product. We understand that this action may affect the exposure of your channel, and we are prepared to offer compensation for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Warm regards,Oly
Pinty Marketing

After telling them I will not take down the video. But rather I will expose them for attempting to pay to get a video removed. They replied with this.

“Hi Matt,

First and foremost, I apologize if my previous actions made you feel uncomfortable.

I completely respect your decision if you prefer not to make any changes to your earlier video.

I want to highlight that our brand has received a range of reviews, with some reviewers acknowledging our products.

The main reason for reaching out to you is rooted in this feedback. If the consensus was overwhelmingly negative about our products, we wouldn’t have approached you. As a brand, we value receiving objective evaluations and hope for your understanding in this matter.

It seems there might have been a misunderstanding regarding the idea of payment for video deletion. What I intended to convey is that if you are open to removing the video, we could discuss a form of compensation for the exposure you lost, not as a means to erase negative reviews. This offer is contingent upon your willingness to delete the video after gaining a better understanding of our brand.

Once more, we are not attempting to coerce you into any action, but rather aiming to foster open communication. We sincerely apologize if our previous communication came across as offensive.

Yours sincerely,

As you can clearly see, this is an attempt to sanitize the internet of negative feedback about their products.

This is paying to ensure that only good reviews are seen. And no one is to know whether or not those “good reviews” are also paid for either through free product, or even actual money.

Pinty Scopes is clearly a morally bankrupt and shady business that self respecting gun owners should maybe think twice about not only where their money is going, but to what kind of people.