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Eotech EFLX – Shockingly Unimpressive – RTT: Guns & Gear

Eotech EFLX – Shockingly Unimpressive

In an industry that is in a constant state of advancement like the tactical and shooting industry. It’s fairly rare for a big name company to release a product that’s so wildly unimpressive that its release nearly drags the industry backward instead of adding to it.

Well the Eotech EFLX is that product.

When it comes to an optic company that has released some of the most argued over products, Eotech is the king.

Eotech holographic rifle optics are well known to be very rugged. And sort of reliable. And battery killers. And expensive! Although if you listen to the fanbois, Eotech are better than God’s gift to the shooting world. By that I mean, if you listen to the fanbois, the Holy Grail. Ten Commandments tablets, and the Ark of the Covenant combined are almost equal to to the privilege of owning any Eotech product.

The rest of us know BS when we hear it and see it. And the Eotech EFLX is a giant bull turd!

Let’s start with the footprint/mounting surface. It uses the Delta Point Pro footprint. Not the RMR footprint that consumers have been begging optic companies to standardize to. I’m not sure if this was an intentional middle finger to consumers, or if they’re really just that disconnected and tone deaf

The power supply is a top mounted industry standard CR2032 battery. Having a top loading, or even drawer loading battery like Holosun, has it’s advantages. The biggest of them being avoiding having to remove your optic to change the battery like you do with optics with bottom mount batteries.

So at least they got that right.

Speaking of batteries. The EFLX has an advertised 20,000 hour battery life. Which sounds great! Until you realize that the Holosun HS407K-X2 offers 50,000 hours for $130 less. And it is at this point that everything else for the Eotech goes downhill quickly.

the Eotech EFLX has no shake to wake feature, but it does have a programmable auto shut off or “on all the time” feature. If you want to call it a feature. Essentially every other pistol optic offers the same or more, for less. My Vortex Venom has the same features.

The Eotech has 8 brightness settings and 1 night vision setting. The brightness is bright, but has a considerable amount of bloom on the high setting. This is fairly standard for many red dots.

The Eotech EFLX window is…..well…..wide. Which I guess is awesome, except when tracking your dot inside the window. The dot is going up and down, not side to side. And the widow reminds me of a chopped top hotrod, minus the coolness of being a hotrod. The window feels squated and cut off. The Holosun 507 and 407 optics, and even the Vortex Venom has far more usable space and open feeling in their widows than the Eotech EFLX.

I could mention other components, dot size, what type of aluminum the body is made of. But why? None of those things are better than even the least expensive of competing red dots that actually offer equal or better features for less money.

Needless to say. The Eotech offers absolutely nothing that the market needed. And it’s best feature (auto off) has been used for more than a decade and $60 Chinese copy airsoft optics have the same feature.

So when it comes to overpriced, anemic features, and woefully unimpressive, Eotech is now king of that as well.

I guess if you’re going to be good at something. You may as well be the best at it