Concealment Express LUX Weapon Mounted Light Holster – Product Spotlight

Whether you’re new to carrying with a weapon-mounted light or a seasoned veteran that just purchased a new pistol-mounted weapon light, the search for a holster can be maddening. With that in mind, Concealment Express may have the answer for you.

Introducing the LUX Holster

Front- Showing belt clip and mounting options

How is the Concealment Express LUX holster different from other weapon-mounted light holsters?

In this case, the LUX comes in two options. One holster fits the Streamlight TLR-1 HL and the other fits the Surefire X-300U, arguably the two best, proven, and most trusted pistol lights on the market. But wait, you own a Glock 19 or full-sized S&W, right? And that is the point of the Concealment Express LUX Holster, it retains on the light that you own, not the pistol!

From Concealment Express

“Our LUX holster works with almost any firearm as long as the correct light fits the stock firearm rail. (*May not work with after market rails or rail adapters.) It does not matter if you have a compact or full size pistol, as long you can mount the light to the firearm the LUX will fit. If it has not sunk in yet….No more having to switch lights and/or holsters when you change your mind and want to carry your other firearm. No more buying multiple holsters for every firearm with the same light!”

The ability to fit multiple firearms isn’t where it stops with the LUX holster. This holster comes in two different kydex patterns, an integrated claw and wedge to aid in concealment, optic and threaded barrel and comp capable, 0 – 15 deg adjustable reinforced “stealth” belt clip, .125 durable kydex, and 100% made in the USA with an unconditional lifetime warranty! All of that at a price range that fits almost any budget.

Back/Body Side
Top – Showing slim design and wedge