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Cancer Infecting The 2A Community – RTT: Guns & Gear

Cancer Infecting The 2A Community

Many people believe that “the gun community” or “2A community” should be the tightest and most organized special interest and individual rights groups in America, as we are the ones that are attacked the most often. But sadly this is not the case.

Look at any social media gun group or page on the internet! It’s shocking that we have anything left of the 2nd Amendment, with all the backstabbing, bickering, and people who feel their way is the only right way.

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We like to point out the Bloombergs and Virginia’s governor Mr. Blackface as reasons our right to bear arms are being stripped away piece by piece, but in reality, it’s gun owners themselves that are to blame.

Yep! And since you are likely reading this within some “pro-gun” social media group, there’s a strong possibility I’ll be talking about you at some point in time.

Has anyone seen this poll floating around Facebook?

There’s a strong possibility you have, as it has been posted multiple times by multiple people, in multiple groups and pages that I have seen.

Have you also seen similar responses to these?

My question is, why does anyone think they are even allowed to have a say in how, why, or what conditions a person is able to practice any of their rights?

How about any open vs. concealed carry debate?


What divine being do you think you are to debate anyone on how they practice their rights?

Especially when the anti-open carry talking points are flimsier than an overcooked spaghetti noodle. And I point out open carry instead of concealed carry because it’s always the concealed carriers trying to control the open carriers.

Why did I start out with these two examples? Because unlike Fudds, the people mentioned put on the facade that they are pro-2A when they are actually just pro-2A under their specific conditions. Otherwise known as the “I’m pro-2A but” people. These are the most dangerous people within the 2A community.

Nothing like thinking someone has your back in a fight, just to find out they’re also friends with the other side.

This brings us to another cancer withing the 2A community, and that is the gear and gun snobs.

You know these people. The “my YouTube channel holster company sponsor is the only holster you should get” people. Or if you don’t EDC these specific items, you are woefully underprepared you boomer! There are truly too many “if you don’t carry this gun in this holster with this gear while wearing this other gear otherwise be endlessly berated throughout the comment section” because I say so and I’m better than you people out there, to actually go through even a portion of the examples.

These are the people that run off newcomers to gun ownership and training. These are the people who tell the new Glock owner what he/she has to change on their brand new gun because….reasons….I guess. Even though the gun is perfectly 100% functional in the condition it is in. Inevitably those newcomers just stop asking questions and will likely just lose interest altogether.

I think you get the point.

Finally, we get to the Fudds.

Fudds earned their name by being much like the cartoon character, Elmer Fudd. These are the gun owners that don’t care about your 2nd Amendment rights, as long as the restrictions and infringements don’t stop them from dove hunting every year with their pappy’s shotgun. This is the enemy real pro-2A types have been battling for years. The only relief to the threat of Fudds is that there doesn’t seem to be many young ones. This is almost exclusively a title given to many of the older generations of gun owners who didn’t have AR-15’s and AK47’s available to them in their prime, so they just don’t see the use for them.

While I am sure some of you have personal stories and examples of the tactitard cool kid keyboard warriors telling you how much better they are than you, I believe this covers the largest majority of the problem’s within the “gun community.”

It’s not until gun owners stop being arrogant snobs to each other, belittling the other person, or believing they have some omnipotent right to tell others how they need to practice their rights that we will stop losing.