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Originally from the small town of Findlay, Ohio, I came from what I would call a fairly strict family with a lot of military background. My grandfather was a WWII bomber pilot for the Army Air Corps and my father was a Lieutenant in the Army.

I grew up going to a Catholic grade and junior high school and then went on to a Catholic high school. I started shooting guns when I was 8 years old at a range that is now closed to the public. By the time I was in my teens I was shooting in local competitions and being schooled in shooting and tactics by former military and SWAT guys.

When I turned 18 and graduated high school I went directly into the United States Navy. Unfortunately, I caught an honorable medical discharge before being able to complete my contract and have tried to find a way to fill the void ever since. To fill that void, I immersed myself in firearms training and tactics.

Of all the instructors I’ve had, some have included former infantry, Rangers, SF, SEALs, and contractors. I became a student of the game and grabbed on to as much knowledge as I could.

I now try to help people out the same way I was. But now it is through YouTube and individual and small classes that I run through my training school Southern Arizona Tactical.

There is a brief history about me, so won’t you come along with me for the rest of the ride…..


Matt Winkeljohn